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iGuide Kingston's 3 Pillars for Partnership!

iGuide Kingston Testimonial

On the surface, we're a B2B business. We provide a service to primarily, real estate professionals, as well as brick and mortar businesses that are trying to reach their next customers using the digital tools that are available to them.

But that doesn't mean that we can't dig deeper and realize that there is a person on the other side of every transaction that we're a part of. We want to help that person, we want to hel

p their business, and we look at every opportunity that we're given as a partnership with our clients.

So, what are some of the key pillars that we aim to provide in our partnerships?

First, we try to provide value, every time. Whether that means chatting with you to hear about the pain points in your business because maybe we can help, or maybe it's sharing the home you're trying to sell with our social networks. Our goal is to help you find solutions, find clients, and keep up with evolving technology because we're in this together!

Second is trust. We want to earn yours! We want to show you that we're not just trying to earn a living, we're not just trying to pay our bills, we're not just servicing our own creativity, we're trying to help you! We want your trust because by earning that, you'll feel good telling other business owners about our service because you'll actually be helping them too!

And third, is execution. Because the other two pillars don't matter unless we can provide you, our partner, with quality tools, materials, insights, and advice to help you get to your next customer.

So, yes, on the surface we're a B2B business. We market to other business owners with the hopes that they'll choose us to provide the solution that could help get that next customer through the door, or that next buyer on the phone.

But at our core, behind the brand and behind the business, we're striving to become just a little bit more than that.

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