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Matterport is a three-dimensional system that allows to create realistic, fully immersive "digital twin" of any space. It consists of both hardware and software proprietary solutions that helps to create a digital twin of any space. Once a KREM Team Member is finished scanning with our State Of The Art  Matterport Pro2 camera it generates a 3D tour of this space that can be accessed online providing you with a virtual 360 degree walk-through for the space . In other words it acts as an fully immersive 3D media helping to reach more customers in order to win them by showcasing your business or a property.  A space can be a single room, an office/shop with many rooms located on a single floor or it can be a huge multi level building representing a business or a property.


A Powerful Platform With Many Features.

Transform how you market and manage your properties with Matterport’s digital twin platform.

The Dollhouse View

Precise Floor Plans

allows users to see a property's layout from a bird's eye view, giving a clear overview of the property's layout and flow

With a floor plan, buyers now have an additional layer of visual layout that helps make faster purchasing decisions.


Use Mattertag Posts to highlight key features within a Space, ask questions, and add context. You’ll see more, deeper engagement with your virtual content

Guided Tours

Spaces that have a Guided Tour gives visitors the option to click or tap Play to experience only the designated series of tour stops that you’ve created

360° Views

360° Views are perfect for bright sunlight & outdoors, unattached buildings like sheds, semi-outdoor areas like patios and porche

Measurement Mode

This new capability gives customers an invaluable tool for sharing vital information of spaces or objects within a Matterport digital twin. 

Goolge Street View

Google Street View is an exciting new way for you to extend your marketing so you and your business can reach an even bigger audience.

Matterport BIM Files

Add-On, brings Matterport generated point cloud data into the Autodesk Revit platform by transforming spatial data into .RVT files and .DWG CAD files.

Take The Matterport Tour And See First Hand

KREM will scan the property using the Matterport System and create a detailed 3D model that you can explore as if you were really there. You'll be able to walk through the property, check out the layout.

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The Next Best Thing To Being There

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