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When selling your home, top-quality listing photos are essential – remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression!


Professional photos of a well-staged home will show better on the internet, which is where most home buyers start their search. The online photos and the listing price are the two primary factors for generating buyer interest and driving more traffic to come see your home in person.

Once at your house, potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves and their family living in your home. Professional staging helps to create that emotional connection and to have buyers fall in love with your property. 


Roger Wilson and his team at Inside Out Homescaping work with you to optimize your home by highlighting all the positives and minimizing any negatives. More importantly, they always customize the staging to appeal to the type of buyer looking to purchase a home in your neighbourhood.












Inside Out Homescaping provides you with a detailed Home Staging Report and walks you through the specific recommendations and suggestions on how to best prepare your home for sale. You can choose to implement the suggested changes on your own, or Inside Out Homescaping would be happy to assist with any or all aspects.


When selling your home, staging should always be your first step as it provides tremendous benefit and value on two key fronts. It showcases your home in the listing photos AND in person.


The bottom line -- if you follow all of the staging recommendations provided, your home will not only stand out amongst the competition, it will SELL FASTER and for MORE MONEY.


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Roger Wilson,

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